What do you do . . .

when you have the flu?

I think I may be coming down with something. It can be hard to tell, though. Are these the usual aches and pains, or a special, more different kind? Exciting questions for a full and adventurous life.

I have to decided to (try to) ignore the part of my brain that insists if I don’t do something useful RIGHT NOW I am a useless lump of . . . myself? Not really sure where that metaphor was going. Clay, possibly.

But I need to save up my energy and not push it, because it is Thanksgiving next week, and I want to be able to make pie. Three kinds! Currently, my plans are to make pumpkin (not my favourite, but a classic), chocolate pudding (yum!), and apple (another great fall pie). I may cut back if I find I don’t have the energy.

So, I will be resting. I am reading The Luminaries (about the 1860s gold rush in New Zealand–I didn’t even know they had a gold rush! *embarrassed*). I want to listen to Christmas music, but I am forcing myself, as always, to wait until after Thanksgiving. (I am curious though, about when the rest of the world ‘starts’ Christmas–in some stores, of course, it seems to be August).

Other things I like to do when sick, depending on how bad it is:

hand work (embroidery, cross-stitch)

watching favourite TV shows

listening to audiobooks

sleeping! of course

So, two questions: what is your favourite kind of pie, if any, and what do you do when you’re under the weather?

A picture of one of my Christmas cactus blooms. It obviously doesn’t realize it’s getting ahead of itself, but I don’t mind.

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