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The old bacon and e.

Tomorrow will mark my first three weeks on the ketogenic diet. I will show my journey using pictures of Bertie Wooster (as portrayed by the inimitable Hugh Laurie).

First, I will describe the diet: you eat lots of fat, protein, and vegetables. Very specific vegetables, though. Spinach and broccoli and such. The greener, the better. None of this carrot and corn business, as least to start out with. Nor any fruit, bread, or pasta . . .

Bertie captures well my reaction at realizing what this diet will involve.
No . . . pasta?
It does indeed, Bertie. Right away from one’s watering mouth.

So what is all of this in aid of? Well, it’s a good diet for weight loss (you don’t get hungry either–not with all the bacon and eggs you’ll be scarfing down). But that is not my primary reason for trying it. It is supposed to be a ‘low-inflammation diet’, and I have a lot of inflammation, and therefore, pain.

So far, I am not noticing a significant decrease in pain. But I’m (mostly) willing to give it a fair try.

And as much as I miss toast and apples, I love drinking whole milk with cream poured in. Yes, you read that correctly. It is delicious.




1 thought on “The old bacon and e.”

  1. This is my idea of making conversation at a party: “I like mayonnaise.. it has fat in it. I like avocado, it has fat in it. I like hummus; it has fat in it.”
    I love whole milk so much. Skim milk is depressing.

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