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Cherry Clafoutis

This is the first clafoutis I ever made. Traditionally, clafoutis are made with cherries, but other fruits can be used. Also traditional for this French dessert is not pitting the cherries. I did, though. Spitting out cherry pits can be great fun, but it’s not really a dining table activity.

I based it on two different recipes; the one in Joy of Cooking and one from Cook’s Illustrated. (Unfortunately, I didn’t write it down, so I can’t replicate it here.) On the recommendation of Cook’s, I added cinnamon, which has one of the same chemicals as the cherry pits I removed. So you get the flavour without the broken teeth! Huzzah.

I thought it would be smooth and custardy, but it was firm and eggy. It was actually rather like bread pudding, without any bread.

If I made it again:

I think it would go very well served with whipped cream.

I would take it out of the oven sooner and see how that affected the texture.



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