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Bonsai seedlings, week 5 update


It’s been five weeks since we planted our bonsai seeds, and I am happy to say we have seedlings for each species of tree. I was a little anxious about the Norway spruce (picea abies) because it had only one seed, but it sprouted! Oddly enough, we also have only one jacaranda sprout (jacaranda mimosifolia), even though that was the plant for which we had the most seeds. I’m a bit disappointed about that because that’s the tree I was the most excited about, but there’s still time for more to grow. Fingers crossed! As for the flame tree (delonix regia), two of our four seeds are growing, and five of the six Rocky mountain bristlecone pine (pinus aristata) sprouted. I’ll be posting more updates as our little bonsai babies grow.


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