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Almond Toffee with Dark Chocolate

I made a foray into the world of candy making last December, having purchased a cookbook dedicated solely to candy earlier in the year. This recipe closely resembles almond roca, which is one of my favorite candies. I made it as a surprise stocking stuffer for my family, and they loved it! The response was very gratifying. If you like giving candy as a gift, this is a great choice.

I bought raw almonds for the toffee, and toasted them, which smelled incredibly delicious. For the coating, I used 12 ounces of dark chocolate (as well as some chopped up almonds).

Making the toffee requires a very close eye and constant stirring, and before I wised up and put on an oven-mitt, I nearly steamed my hand off. (I don’t have a dedicated candy thermometer which clips on to the pan, so I had to hold a thermometer while stirring–awkward!). The temperatures required for the toffee seemed unreachable, but it turns out that was just because I am a candy novice and didn’t know how long it would take.

I got the recipe from The Sweet Book of Candy Making, which I recommend! It has a plenty of variety in its recipes, beautiful pictures, informative sections on equipment and ingredients, and troubleshooting tips. I look forward to trying more recipes.