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Knitting for the unravelled

It has long been my dream to be a knitter. Not just to knit, but to be someone who jauntily whips out a sweater with ease, who is learned in the ways of lace, who is not scared of patterns that require slipped stitches and yarn overs (yarns over?). A long time ago I knitted two scarves, and that was as far as I ventured into the dark and murky waters of yarn manipulation.

Fast forward to autumn 2017: I decided, moved by I know not what impulse, to resume knitting. I made a scarf, about which I have already posted. It was an important step in several ways: not only did it get me back in the swing of knitting, but I tried several things I had never done before: I made my own pattern, I used three different colors of yarn, and I learned how to join yarn. The success of the (rather itchy) scarf gave me the confidence I needed to move on to bigger and better things: baby blankets.

Since my mom is the person who taught me how to knit and is my main knitting resource, I talked to her about my renewed interest in the craft. She lent me a book of baby blanket patterns, and I decided the first one looked easy enough that I dared brave an attempt at it. The next step was finding the right yarn: I wanted a pastel material that was soft enough for a baby’s delicate skin. I had something of a bias against acrylic when I set out and had cotton in mind, but the yarn I ended up with was indeed acrylic, not only soft, but machine washable to boot! An important consideration for any textile that is going to be used primarily by or for babies.

Pattern: chosen. Yarn: found. Now, to begin the actual knitting. I cast on. I counted and recounted the stitches. And I tried. And attempted. And tried again. Over and over, I had to pull the yarn out. I can tell you, it is very demoralizing to tear out hundreds of stitches, redo them, and have to tear them out again. But I was learning.

The very beginning (next stop: Frustration Station!)

Not only my brain, but my hands were in training. My knitting is generally very even, but I have an unfortunate tendency to knit too tightly, and my actual technique left something to be desired. I was using my pointer finger as leverage against the knitting needle at every stitch, which was rather painful (and Against the Rules).

Progress–by this point I had figured out what I was doing and no longer needed to rip things out

As time went on and I became more comfortable with the pattern, however, my muscle memory developed and I was able to relax somewhat and begin to shed some of my bad habits. I came out the other side a better, more confident knitter.

Whoa-oh, halfway there! (Whoa-oh, knittin’ on a prayer!)

The end of the saga: I finished knitting the blanket in time for the baby shower, and it is currently being used by my new niece! I am currently at work on another blanket of the same pattern, for another expected niece (I am VERY excited). Lessons learned: do not give it to fear of yarn. And keep on trying.


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Noodling about with (knitting) needles

In January 2017, I made what (at the time) I considered to be a wildly optimistic New Year’s goal: to complete one knitting project by the end of the year. My previous knitting had consisted of two scarves and part of a hat. I have long harbored delusions of knitting grandeur: knitting blankets, sweaters, even lace. Unfortunately, I also harbor bafflement regarding anything more complicated than knitting and purling. Increasing? Decreasing? The words make sense, yes, but the techniques . . . and then there’s slipping stitches, passing slipped stitches over, yarn over . . . the list goes on.

So I decided that my next knitting project would be something uncomplicated. Something familiar, to ease my passage back into Knitting Land. Yes, you guessed it, I made another scarf. But this time I got fancy–I used three different colors of yarn.

And once I started, I really got into the swing of things, and finished it quite quickly. I didn’t use anyone’s pattern for this scarf, I just made it up as I went along. It’s pure wool, so I’m sure it’s very warm, but unfortunately it is very scratchy, so I’ve scarcely worn it. Not to mention we had an exceptionally warm winter.

The finished product

At any rate, my success with this scarf emboldened me to throw myself back into knitting, and I have another project in the works. 🙂

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In which I am once again stymied by two sticks and a piece of string

The first section of the hat using practice yarn (why yes, I am very cautious!)

Knitting! Is it some form of wizardry? You take a ball of yarn, add two needles, mess about with them and somehow end up with an article of clothing.

Thus far in my life, the only knitting projects I have completed have been scarves, but, putting fear behind me and venturing boldly into the unknown, I started working on a hat.

Unfortunately, while my stitches are very even, they are also on the tight side, so I may have to switch to bigger needles, as I doubt my ability to knit more loosely with any consistency.

As a novice, I find knitting instructions rather abstruse, but when I puzzle over them with my husband or look up videos online to show me how a given stitch is done, I can usually figure it out. It seems the main thing is to keep on trying. I have a goal to finish one knitting project this year, so . . . we’ll see how that goes.