humour, poetry

Animal poem*

my naem is Duck

I sit in pot

you think am flower,

but am not

and when you try

to pluck my head

I bite you, yes,

for lack of bread.

*For those not familiar with this format, little two stanza poems written from the perspective of an animal and deliberately misspelled and/or containing errors are just . . . something that happens on the internet.

baking, dessert, food, pastry, Personal, poetry

Small Sweetnesses

Twin tiny tarts sit neatly

Upon their small glass plate;

Fresh fruit that ripened sweetly

Has been arranged, ornate–


Cold creamy custard, smooth and

Set, and golden pastry crust,

When eaten, leave upon one’s hand

A little sugar dust.

baking, food, humour, Personal, poetry

Ode to a Baked Potato, on First Coming Out of the Oven

Your salted skin,

Thin, crisply brown,

Conceals within

A wealth of starch,

And butter is

Your golden crown.


Though lowly born,

O child of earth,

Your value is

A ransom’s worth

To one who knows

A famine’s dearth.


The light of sun

You do not know,

But heated by

An oven’s glow,

You bring us warmth

From lands below.